Introducing... RENANCE! Watch now for more details...


Segment #1

(The cost of living)

The cost of living for the average family in the Jewish Community... Have you ever thought about this?? How much is your life actually going to cost you. Watch now for more...


Segment #2

(Human Capital)

Now that you know the approximate cost of living, watch out next video to see what you can actually start doing today to satisfy this lifestyle. 


Segment #2.1

(Human Capital - Job)

How do you deposit your human capital? What should you be looking to gain on a job?


Segment #2.2

(Pursuing a Profession)

What does it take to pursue a profession and what will you gain by doing so?


Segment #2.3


The road to success is through commitment.


Segment #2.4


How big of a role does formal education play in a person's success?


Segment #3


Taking a job? Builiding a business? Pursuing a career?Understand the pros and cons, to make an informed decision about whats right for you.


What will you do with the information? 


Its not about what we are going to give you, Its upto you what you will do with the information provided.


Be clear about your priorities


Employee/Employer relationships... What are your intentions??


Creative Combo


Retain your employees, have them invested in your business for the best possible results!


Employee Individuality     

Dont be a slave to your employer! Embrace your individuality! 


What will you do with the information? 


There are 3 Aspects to every Job 1- Money 2- Opportunity 3- Flexibility. Find the right balance for you!


Failure Makes You Stronger.  


Failure is simply an opportunity begin again, this time more intelligently.

Use the opportunity to grow!


Definition of Success


In simple terms, how do you define success and how do you obtain it?


Where Does Money Come From?


Opportunity is everywhere you just need to be focused and act on it.


Quit Your Dependence on Outside Help!


Quit your dependence on outside help...


Realistic Vision 


Realistic Vision... 


Personal Agenda


Are personal agendas important? How should an employer be perceive his employee's personal goals?


Social Programs


The right outlook on goverment programs...


How did renance come about

How did renance come about?


Employee Obligations


As an employee be proactive. Do not wait for your employer to bring forward opportunities.


Employer Obligations


As an employer, you have the opportunity to help your employees reach their full potential. Your actions may impact their future success!

Success Stories Series


Success Stories Series 

Part 1 - Isaac Abraham

CEO of Cider Consulting


Success Stories Series 

Part 2 - Naftali Tessler

Cheif of Staff at Hamaspik of Kings County


Success Stories Series 

Part 3 - Elie Engel 

President of Engel Financial Services

Success Stories Series 

Part 4 - Issaac Krausz / Coming Soon!

Q&A with Yoel Felberbaum


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